Serving the family history community

Many of us have grown to love family history for its rich contribution to our lives. Some find the research exhilarating as they pursue of those elusive ancestors through the records. Others particularly enjoy collecting stories and pictures.

Hopefully, all of us are providing a permanent record of what we have uncovered in these explorations. Our own histories as well as those of our predecessors are worth preserving and sharing.

However, most of us already have really full schedules. They prevent us from accomplishing those extra projects that would further our own research, in addition to assisting others in theirs.

The mission of Specialty Arts & Services is to help with some of the time-consuming tasks. Our work is done with dedication and great attention to detail.

Please look through the wide range of services we can offer you and see if there is some way we can assist you in your personal family history program.

Send me a "Wish List" request and let's discuss your specific project.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lorraine I. Quillon


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